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About Sake no Wa

Sake no Wa Online is run by Kyoto Trading Hong Kong Ltd. Established in April 2016, we operate Sake retail and bar (Sake no Wa), and wholesale since then. We have more than 200 wholesale customers and our sake is highly evaluated that always provide high quality ones. We have two Kikisake-shi (Master of Sake) in our company, and hold sake seminar to restaurants and public. We work hard on spreading sake to the world.

Our sake

DIRECT IMPORT from breweries

We import directly from more than 30 breweries, which is the largest number in Hong Kong market. No middleman means no price gouging. We are committed to sharing the amazing experience of Japanese sake at reasonable prices.


We refrigerate sake all the way from Japanese Storage – Japan to Hong Kong – Hong Kong Storage to customers. It keeps sake quality high, and only deliver you the best quality ones.

Shop & Bar

Sake no Wa Bar


16/F, Bartlock Centre,

3-9 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay

Mon - Thu : 18:00 - 1:00

Fri - Sat : 18:00 - 3:00


Mon - Fri : 14:00 - 1:00

Sat : 18:00 - 3:00

Our customers


龍吟 / 柏屋 / Yardbird / 串カツ専門店JunG39 / 塚田農場

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental HK /Jan Jan / Enoteca

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong / NOJO / 三笠屋 / 一慶

海寶 / 和の味 / 深夜食堂 / 8 izakaya / Ho Wine Cellar / 南蛮亭

植原 / 秀殿 / Okra HK / 心焼食堂 / Kona / 福岡県香港事務所 / 岩浪

鮨一心 / Sake Central / AWA Teasha Lounge / 魚作 / 肉料理廣

HAKU / Flat 61 Lounge / Queen Hollywood / 魯杏

地元酒場 / 東京大衆酒場 / Bijin Nabe / Kagesha Lounge / 谷川

鮨琥珀 / Wine Shop Asia / 和楽屋 / endless wine / MyiCellar

鳥羽 / MIZUTANI / Jetro Hong Kong / 他多数

Our members

Takuya Inoue

Certified International Kikisake-shi(Master of Sake).
He is based in Japan and in charge of purchasing sake from the brewers. He's been to more than 30 brewers and kept looking for partner brewers for the clients.

Yumi Takamatsu

Originally from Chiba, Japan, a certified International Kikisake-shi (Master of Sake) with five-star hospitality experience from Park Hyatt Tokyo. She held many tasting dinners with high-end to local restaurants in Hong Kong. She also does sake training for partner restaurants.

Leo Wan

Passionate sake lover. Experienced working in Japan for 1 year, fluent Japanese speaker. He works for Sake no Wa bar. His service is loved by both Hong Kong locals and Japanese. Very thoughtful, and always listens to customers to meet their needs.

Zoe Lee

Zoe is in charge of taking orders, customer support, delivering, paper works, and accounting. She is very fluent in Japanese, responsible, and always tries to do her best to support all the customers.

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